Below is our time proven, four-stage process that helps you receive the answers and services you need.


Part 1: Introduction

We want to make it easy to meet you. The first step is to contact us to set a 30 minute, no obligation phone call. When we talk, we’re going to want to know a few things about your property: ownership, location, description, approximate size and your expectations. We’ll discuss our fees and after the call send you a worksheet. Before we finish the call, we’ll schedule a future 90 minute in-depth call, during which we’ll provide you with up to four to five hours of research about your property and provide a preliminary analysis of what you could do next. This 90-minute call will be $500. We’ll send you a bill and after we receive payment we’ll talk to you a few days later.

Part 2: 90 Minute Project Analysis Call

Now you’ll get our opinion about your property’s geographic area, your local community and the specifics of your neighborhood. We will have some  insights and observations from our research. We will also give you our initial feelings about the viability of producing a meaningful (profitable) rehab. At this time we can also give you a very rough cost estimate and our recommendation as to whether or not you should proceed with or without our continued assistance…or whether or not you should sell or demo the property. This would provide items like estimated sale value, time to market and completion, cost of demo, possible costs of environmental cleanup and perhaps a bare land value.


On-site Project Evaluation

After our previous 90 minute call, you will have to decide to proceed or not. If you want to proceed, we’ll  arrange a site visit within 30-45 days, at everyone’s convenience, for a driving and a walking inspection of the community and your property. We’d like to meet with you and your community’s local government planning, codes, and permitting people. We’ll  observe and discuss other properties in the area, what has happened to them, and what could/should happen with your property. This is usually a 2-3 day process depending on time and distance.

Prior to this visit, you will have been provided with our engagement contract and fee schedule which is a percentage of actual cost paid throughout the rest of the project. Depending on our findings and your feelings about the process, you are now ready to decide to stop the process or proceed to Stage 3. If you want to proceed, we’ll send you a Stage 3 agreement and immediately begin to locate, analyze, and evaluate your survey and deed documents or arrange to have these produced by a local civil engineer/surveyor or another local services provider.


Project Development: Phase 1

Once the 3rd Stage agreement has been returned, we will begin the team building process. This usually takes three days and can be done from our offices. We will then provide you with an outline for the partnering group, listing agreements, property maintenance agreements, etc. We will solicit appropriate potential team members in your area, do phone interviews, and schedule on-site interviews. A few weeks later we’ll travel to the site for pre-scheduled team member interviews, discuss ideas, and get input from you. To get together we will select the final team members. During the following few weeks we’ll receive preliminary cost estimates, summarize and submit them to you. Once again you’ll need to make a decision to stop or delay the process or to proceed. A “Proceed” decision will then cause the next steps to begin.

Project Development: Phase 2

  • We’ll request final drawings from all professional disciplines (Civil, Landscape, M, P & E, Structural and Architectural Engineers). (1 day).
  • Two to four weeks later we will have received and evaluated the drawings. (1 day).
  • We will submit to selected General Contractor(s) for hard job cost estimate(s), (1/2 day). These estimates usually take 2-3 weeks to get good responses and will require contractors and subs to make multiple site visits.
  • We’ll get the cost estimate proposals back, evaluate and discuss,  submit them to you and get the final “go ahead” or delay/stop instruction. This will be a 2-3 day face to face meeting at your location.
  • Once again your decision will then cause the 4TH STAGE to commence or all activity to end.


Project Management

Based on your decision, the project is now proceeding. Our consultant participation depends on your decisions regarding owner management, partnering, consultant project management – amount of time of over-site or on-site, number of daily, weekly, monthly, etc. site visits, etc.

The 4 STAGE process is an outline of what could/should happen. It is not intended to be the only process or the only way this can or will be done. It is intended to be your guide of the potential and normally done processes. Your project has its own special needs, assessments and requirements. Depending on the size and complexities of the facilities, existing conditions, real improvements, site, location of the site, owner needs, financial requirements, etc. the process can last 15 months to many years.